WSMan Connectivity Check fails

  • 14 June 2016
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We have 3 Hyper-V hosts those local admin passwords got expired and i changed them (and they are enabled). Now WSMan Connectivity Check fails in Prism.

I have run these lines in CVM for all three hosts but it won't help:

ncli managementserver edit name=hostIP password='newhostpass'ncli host edit id=cryptical-host-id hypervisor-password='newhostpass'

Any ideas? Our nutanix version is

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3 replies

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Looks like you guys are a Dell customer, correct?

If so, please put a support ticket in to Dell, and they can get Nutanix support looped in to help resolve this issue
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uh ... Jon's answer doesn't help 😛 ;-)


Did you open a ticket ? did you get an answer ? I have with Dell appliances too. WinRM works with domain account but not with local admin account.

In the configuration, the only thing I can see that might be an issue (but I'm not sure) is "TrunstedHosts" which has no value. In the config example in the Nutanix documentation, it has a star allowing any host. I can't change the setting for whatever reason 😞 And we deactiavated WinRM GPOs to troubleshoot. No success...

I'm waiting for a Dell support call, but if in between you already got some info, I would take it 🙂
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Well for instance, I was looking in the wrong direction. Not sure wsman and winrm as related... anyway, if you have news on your case, let me know.