Windows 11 support

  • 4 August 2022
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vTPM support is planned for AOS 6.2 (FEAT-9670)

7 replies

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It’s coming in AOS 6.5.1 pretty soon. Possibly, this month, but if the QA finds any issues it can be delayed a bit.

It keeps getting pushed back further and further. Need to make it happen or loose VDI posture. Especially with Nvidia support

I got a response back from the case owner that now its targeted for AOS 6.6 maybe that is for LTSR.. 


Whats is the status on vTPM support for Windows 11. We are trying to roll out a secure VDI template but are currently blocked by Nutanix support around Windows 11. I’m running AOS and would like to know what release will include the support in AOS 5…..Thank you!

vTPM (Trusted Platform Module) support on AHV (

AHV 6.5.1 - Release Notes | AHV-20220304.242 (
You will have to upgrade to AOS >6.5.1 to use vTPM. 
5.20 will be EOL in July 2023. 

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We tested Win11Pro with vTPM in a production Frame enviroronment recently running on AHV el7.nutanix.20220304.342 & AOS 6.5.2 with no issues.


Clean installation of Windows 11 works fine, but what about upgrades? It doesn’t seem to work here.