Windows 11 Installation config

  • 13 January 2022
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Looking for anyone that has been successful with installing windows 11 on Nutanix AHV?

I have tried, in my VM creation i have selected UEFI and Secure Boot. What I can’t seem to get to is how to enable TPM? When VM boots there is no way to get into bios to enable TPM. So how do you do that?



Best answer by Sergei Ivanov 15 January 2022, 14:00

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5 replies

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Hi Steved,

currently, the AHV hypervisor doesn’t support vTPM. We are currently working on supporting the vTPM in future AHV releases. So, at this moment Windows 11 is not supported, because it requires the vTPM.

Hello Sergei Ivanov, do you have any estimated time?

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There is no official ETA as of now. Unofficially, it will take a few months.

Thanks :/

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Just if anyone else still tries/ are looking forward to also run Win 11 on Nutanix/ AHV:

I actually managed to install Windows 11 as a VM on Nutanix/ AHV, but for some reason the network (it seems to be the DNS), is unstable on the vm… so it’s not usable at the moment.

Don’t know if this is “only” the Nutanix Guest Tool needing an update/ fix or if it’s more fundamental?