Which hypervisor Hyper-V or AHV?

  • 7 June 2020
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New to the forum, we recently had our Nutanix servers delivered and we are planning to do the install in the coming weeks.

We haven’t decided which hypervisor to go with yet its either going to be Hyper-V or AHV.

I just wanted to know peoples experiences that they have had?

We currently use Hyper-V, so we are comfortable with that but all the nice features seems to be heading to AHV/Prism.

I would be grateful for your thoughts and comments

Thank you

4 replies

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Hi Shofi,

i’m not an Hyper-V lover, said that, there is no comparison between the easy way to setup,  learn and use Acropolis HV instead of the MS one.

Give AHV a try, you will be surprised by what you can do out of the box.

Hope this helps.


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I don't know a document with the differences between hypervisors.
I know NearSync doesn't support Hyper-v.

NearSync Limitations

  • Application-consistent snapshots are not supported.

    Linked clone VMs are not supported.

  • Change block tracking (CBT) is not supported on lightweight snapshots.
  • Hyper-V is not supported.
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One thing that can be important in choosing the hypervisor is that by choosing AHV you will get full support from Nutanix for any sort of issues as deep as it is needed. If you select Hyper-V, it is possible that you may hit some bug in a Microsoft product and you may be redirected to the Microsoft support to get the issue resolved. Microsoft products are not open source, so we are limited in what we can help with. It is always better to have a single point of support and you will get it with AHV.

Thanks for all your comments