What is the best practice for allocating storage?

  • 3 June 2021
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What will be total usable space for the hypervisor and best practice to allocate the storage.I have three new Nutanix nodes. Physical capacity of Cluster is 79.04 TB and Free logical is 39.52 TB in RF2.

1 reply


Hello Signh,

Not sure If you got this sorted already but I figured I would answer. 

If you haven’t modified the Advertised capacity of your storage containers, then the theoretical usable capacity would be the available logical space in the storage pool of the cluster (minus 10 % approximately of the space accounted for garbage collection).

So in your case the theoretical usable capacity would be approximately 35 TB.

That usable capacity doesn’t account for storage resiliency in case of a node failure so if you want to take that part into account too then you can follow the next KB to get a rough estimation of how much space you can use in your cluster and still tolerate a node failure:

Hope this helps.