Warning - Hosts not connected to vCenter

  • 6 July 2021
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Hi I’m new to nutanix with ESXi. I recently deployed a 4 nodes nutanix with esxi. I’ve created containers and add the nodes to the vCenter. I have not add the vCenter to the Prism. 

I check at prism and there’s a warning saying the hosts are not connected to vCenter. Anyone encounter this issue before? 


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4 replies

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If you want to register your host to vcenter this is how you do it: Registering vCenter Server (Prism Central)

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Hi Primzy, Thank you for the reply. Is registering vCenter to prism element a must? By the way, my question is about the prism shows warning “hosts are not connected to the vCenter”. 

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No it’s not a must in my opinion Prism element is enough to get good overview of cluster status.

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Warning alert - “hosts are not connected to the vCenter” is generated on Prism due to the following NCC check - vsphere_cluster_configuration_check . As mentioned in KB-5369, this vsphere_cluster_configuration_check validates that all the ESXi hosts in a Nutanix cluster are all registered to the same vCenter Server and that all the ESXi hosts are in a connected state with the registered vCenter Server.

Since you are getting ‘Hosts with IPs <Host IPs> are not connected to a vCenter Server’ alert, hence kindly check the following things mentioned in KB-5369 to resolve this issue:

  1. One or more ESXi hosts are not connected to the registered vCenter Server.
  2.  Ensure all hosts are in a "connected" state in vCenter. If not, resolve the connectivity issue.
  3. If all hosts are "connected" in vCenter, confirm that all ESXi hosts in the Nutanix cluster are connected to the same vCenter server. If all hosts are not connected to the same vCenter Server, then this is not a supported configuration and the affected hosts must be moved to the same vCenter Server. For example, on a 6-node Nutanix cluster, having 3 ESXi hosts connected to vCenter Server A and the other 3 ESXi hosts connected to vCenter Server B will trigger this health check to WARN.
  4. If there are hosts connected to Datacenter directly, the cluster needs to be created on the vCenter side and the host to be added to reflect the same config from the Nutanix cluster side. A cluster on the vCenter side is needed for VM management from Prism to work. vCenter Server -> Datacenter(s) -> ESXi host(s). Refer to vCenter Configuration Guide on Support Portal for more details on creating Nutanix cluster on vCenter. 
  5. If you have checked all of the above, attempt to remove and re-add the vCenter configuration via "Prism > Settings (gear icon) > vCenter Registration > Unregister (Button)."