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  • 22 August 2014
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Found installation guide like this ones

During installation i see :
VCAI: Check Use native NFS snapshots (VAAI)
Host Caching Enabled, digest re-computation scheduled for off-work hours (M-F / 9-5)

But on VMware site
Native NFS snapshot technology (VAAI) is not supported in pools that are enabled for View Storage Accelerator or virtual machine disk space reclamation.

What settings should i use?

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The doc on the VMware site just got replaced and there is an updated BP on our site.

I would recommend using VCAI & no View Storage Accelerator Local caching will take over for the View Storage Accelerator. If you're not going use inline dedupe you should at least finger print the base image. Most times jacking up the CVM to 24 GB of RAM is a good thing. By not using the Accelerator you will save on space and have quicker provisioning.