VMs not accessible when attached 2 vNICs with two different VLANs

  • 26 December 2023
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We have two Nutanix box each one has a node, both of them are connected to one physical switch.

The Scenario is: We have one VM with Windows Server 2019 that has a File Server solution that needs to be accessible for two different VLANs (10.9.61.xx && 10.9.64.xx)

The Steps that we did.
1- Created one virtual switch "vs0" with Active-Back
2- Created 3 VLANs on the same switch "Vlan0, VLAN 61, and VLAN 64".
3- Attached 2 vNICs with VLAN 61 and 64 to that VM.

The issue is: that we are unable to access the server from the "user device that is part of VLAN61 or 64".  but accessible from VLAN 0 if attached to the VLAN 0.

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3 replies

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Hope you’re well.

Can you confirm the switch configuration for the physical ports towards the Nutanix hardware?

I think the problem here may be that the switchports are not trunk ports with the allowed vlans - 61, & 64.

A ‘sh run’ or equivalent from the Switch would be good to start with.



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configure trunk port on the switch 

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configure trunk port on the switch 

and you verified the nic settings to just make sure they are assigned to the correct vlans?