VM High Availability (HA) on AHV

  • 6 November 2019
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AHV VM High Availability (HA) is a feature built to ensure VM availability in the event of a host or block outage. In the event of a host failure the VMs previously running on that host will be restarted on other healthy nodes throughout the cluster. The Acropolis Master is responsible for restarting the VM(s) on the healthy host(s).

But we already know that, right?

First, let us be reminded that there are three types of AHV High Availability configuration within AHV Cluster:

  • Best effort
  • Reserved Segments
  • Reserved Host (only available via acli and not recommended in AOS 5.0 and newer)

To read about each type as well as to find configuration steps, logs location and common issues with their explanation please read KB-4636 AHV | VM High Availability (HA).


For a refresh on AHV VM HA:

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Nutanix University: Tech TopX: VM High Availability in AHV

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