V4.0 and Hyper-V - "diagnostics.py run"

  • 28 August 2014
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should "diagnostics.py run" script run without issue with this hypervisor? Seems like fails with creating container for this testing? Or has this been verified to run without issue on Hyper-V and NOS 4?

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7 replies

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What error do you get? It works on my box with 4.0.1 and Hyper-V
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Essentially that it "can't create container" when it starts the process of trying to create what it needs for the tests. Running it from SSH to one of the CSVs. Didn't have a problem at any point on vSphere with 3.x as I haven't done many of these yet, so was just making sure it shouldn't be problem. You aren't doing anything special to run it right?
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Hi ozzy01,

The "diagnostics.py run" script should run without issues on Hyper-V and NOS 4. A few questions for you:

1) What exact errors are you seeing when running the command?

2) Did you run the script in the past without running the cleanup (diagnostics.py cleanup) at the end?

Plain text or screen shots should suffice.

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Im not onsite today, but seeing if i can get customer to run it again for us and send me the exact screenshot for you. stand by..
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Here is screenshot of error. Tried from another CVM to make sure:
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Interesting, looking at the output there it seems that the diagnostic VM is corrupted, maybe there was an issue with the pheonix ISO.

Here's the md5sum from my 4.0.1 lab system which works:


Run md5sum ~/data/images/diagnostics/diagnostics_uvm.vhd.gz on one of the CVMs and compare it. I upgraded from 3.5.4, but I think these should still match

Do you know what Pheonix ISO was used to install this?
Did they upgrade to 4.0.1 or fresh install?

We can probably just replace the image with a good one and then the tests will complete. The best way to do this would be to open a case so that we can investigate and get him the right file.
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Ok, I will let the customer know. This was for a PoC and wanted to make sure we ran the test to show the random read and write IOPS. I will have him open up a case as that would be good for him to go through that process anyway next week so they can see how good and helpful your support is 🙂