Upgrading sequence AOS, NCC, Foundation

  • 3 September 2021
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Hi Team, I will be carrying out upgrades tonight at 8 pm GMT and want to plan before hand: can I please get urgent assistance: I understand that I can jump from AOS 5.15.6 LTS to directly but before doing this I want to confirm below: The order I can see is to upgrade Foundation 1st: we currently have foundation-4.6.2-6e9b7fc8 version can we directly jump to 5.0.4 version of foundation? or we have to install from older base versions one by one to reach 5.0.4? NCC 2nd: we currently have 4.1.0 can we jump to or we have to install first?

2 replies

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@Ather You can directly upgrade foundation to 5.0.4 and NCC to version. No need to upgrade it to middle older versions for these two components. 



Thank you.