Upgrade AHV on AWS Cloud instance

  • 28 July 2020
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We use an AWS cloud instance as a remote data protection ‘site’. The production cluster has been successfully updated to  AOS (LTS) but this needed an AHV update to keep everything compatible..

Is is possible / desirable to upgrade the AWS cloud instance AHV ? IIRC it’s not supported to do OS upgrades (MIcrosoft OS anyway) on cloud infrastructure, it’s generally a migration to a new server. Is it possible to put a new AWS remote Nutanix instance in place and connect the backup data ???

Any advice on how to keep the whole Nutanix environment up to date is appreciated.


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Hi @ChristopherR 

Follow this guide to upgrade your cloud connect CVM - Upgrading Nutanix Controller VM on Cloud

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Hi Paul

The AOS has been upgraded, (it took nearly 3 hours !) but i’m wondering about the hypervisor AHV





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Hi Christopher,


The reason the upgrade took nearly 3 hours is that the data was transferred from the on-prem cluster to the AWS site.

Both deployment and management of the cluster are performed from the on-prem Prsim UI.

When deploying Cloud Connect a CVM is created on the remote site in AWS. The CVM then interacts with AWS storage. Since there are no bare metal servers involved there is no AHV component in the pictures and as such you do not have to worry about upgrading AHV. Upgrading AOS, which is what you did, completes the task.

Cloud Connect is a feature that allows for the off-site backup of the data and restore of that data back to its original location but it’s not a cluster in itself and is not meant for running VMs in the cloud.

Unless I completely misunderstood your question, of course (I sincerely hope that I did not) in which case all of the above does not apply.

Let me know if that is helpful at all.

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Hi Alona

Thanks for the info. Since the AWS AOS upgrade there have been no issues, the time it took was a bit disconcerting but there were no errors. Once it was done a NCC update also ran properly

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Excellent news!