Two Subnets in the same native vLAN

  • 14 November 2020
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I have a setup with two subnets in the (same) native vLAN. The first subnet is (kind of) forced on me by Unifi (router, switch, APs in in the native vLAN) and I created the second subnet for Nutanix (recommendation ist only Nutanix devices/VMs in the same subnet). Now I need a router or routes configuration in the Nutanix subnet to get access to the other subnet and the internet. What do you suggest to achieve this in a simple way or what is the recommended way of doing that?

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In very generic and simple terms since that is what you asked and we don’t know anything about the size of the environment and the setup itself, the routing would be handled by an external router. This can be achieved by using an L2 switch and a router or by using an L3 switch (with routing functionality) and configuring L3 interfaces on the switch.

CVMs will be able to access VMs via br0 switch. A firewall is definitely a must when discussing Internet access. But this is a topic in itself.

Security Guide may come handy.