Totally new to Nutanix (not proxmox)

  • 21 September 2021
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I am new and watching all videos. I try to set up nutanix like proxmox with:

3 x Dell R710 Hosts (nutanix installed on usb internal drive)

1 x Dell R720 Freenas 20TB storage connected with direct Fiber 

With proxmox fiber channel setup was a nightmare, so can I use Fiber Channel here with Nutanix? 

My goal is if one of a host dies I have other VMs be ready | transferred into another host so like in VMWARE (pricy license). Let me know if I can achieve same with Nutanix and direct me towards hardware (Fiber Channel or 10GB ISCSI) whatever is easier and works well.


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Welcome to the Nutanix community!  It sounds like you’re trying to use Nutanix as a 3-tier solution.  That’s not what the technology is.  HCI technology, like Nutanix AOS and others, aggregates local storage on your server into a storage pool that is accessible by all VM’s and hosts in the cluster.  It replaces FC, ISCSI, and other 3-tier technologies.  If you’re builiding out a Nutanix AOS cluster and using VMware as the hypervisor, then VMware will support the FC drivers to have supplemental FC support.  If you’re using Nutanix AHV as the hypervisor, I don’t believe you will have FC or ISCSI client support.

What “Nutanix” products are you using?  Are you installing CE on the internal USB drives of the R710s?  What hypervisor are you running?  You may also need to check the hardware compatibility matrix to make sure you can get things to work.  R710’s are over 10 years old, and even VMware doesn’t support drivers for them anymore.  You can get a little support for the R720, but that’s fading fast. Hope this helps.