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  • 25 November 2014
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Dear All ,
For importing Vm's from the existing vmware envirronment to Nutanix cluster I extracted the below note from Nutanix admin doc.

Note: Due to a limitation with VMware vSphere, a temporary name and ip address of a controller VM must be used to mount the Target NFS datastore on both the source host and the target host for this procedure.

1.Could you please help in this what this temporary name and ip mean? the CVM ip addrress of the nutanix host is already configured ,shall i need to modify it ? or keep it as it is?
2. For target host (Nutanix Host) it is clear that it contains CVM but for the current (Not Nutanix Host) there are no CVM.
3.This should be done through adding storage on both hosts .Right?
Mount the target NFS datastore on the source host and on the target host (you can mount NFS datastores in vSphere client by clicking Add Storage on the Configuration>Storage screen for a host)

so instead of using the CVM ip of the target host (Nutanix Host) in Server coloum ,I have to use the temporary ip address of temporary CVM . And Folder name is sill same /nfs/ctr (If we created new container after adding SP so I have to use the new created one?). and in datastore name use the temporary name(any name evenif it is not exist)

This very important for me to understand this note since all coming projects will require VM's migration.


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This step is done because we cannot expose NFS datastore which is mounted by Nutanix cluster on ESXi hosts running on Nutanix cluster. Also you will use the same CVM IP address which is configured for your CVM and it's just the temporary datastore name which you have to use.

First VM is migrated to temp NFS datasotre and finally moved to actual NFS datastore mounted and managed by NDFS.

For step by step detailed explanation you can refer to following KB which explains about MIrgation from Non-Nutanix storage to Nutanix.

Please refer to section 'Migrating from non-Nutanix storage to Nutanix'

Hope it helps.