Storage Containers - business purposes for many - or is that a bad thing?

  • 3 January 2019
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Hi All

I have read that a single storage container is all that should be used as Nutanix takes care of all the functionality like de-dupe and ssd allocation. I started my Nutanix journey with a number of containers for dividing into business parts eg: Production SQL, Production Web, Dev, and Test. Is this division a sensible way to go or do the latest versions of Nutanix negate that? I intend to limit dev and test to slower drives in the pool, is that possible outside a container approach?

Many thanks


2 replies

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no dear it is not bad or it is not something which is not recommended from nutanix side ,i do have many client where we have created different container as per business requirement.
such as for database , compression , and for persistent data dedup.
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Hi Nishantpanchal

Thank you for your response, is it possible to move wrongly allocated VMs to other containers - I cannot see a way to do it?