'Stop Update' feature in LCM

  • 19 November 2021
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There could be scenarios where LCM (Life Cycle Management) update operation was initiated, and then we need to cancel it in between due to any of the following reasons:


1) LCM operation takes more time than the scheduled maintenance window

2) LCM operation was initiated by mistake, and so we want to cancel it soon


Starting LCM and later versions, we can now cancel or abort an ongoing LCM update operation using the "Stop Update" feature available on the LCM page via Prism. Whenever this feature is used in LCM, it sets a cancel intent in the Nutanix cluster, which tells LCM to stop the update at the next safe point. The important point is that the update may not be canceled immediately after the cancel intent is invoked since LCM stops it at the next safe point. Hence, we will have to wait until the update reaches the next safe point. This safe point is determined by the LCM framework, which depends on the phase at which the cancel intent was set.


Kindly refer to KB-4872 to know more about the 'Stop Update' feature in LCM along with its usage.

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