setting up a AHV cluster on 1G switches ( 3 node and 2 node )

  • 24 September 2022
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I am looking for guidance regarding setting up a 3-node and 2 node AHV cluster on 1G switches  .  Our workloads are low. The official response is to use a 10G switch fabric. 


If I opt for  2 node, can I connect the servers back to back for distributed storage ? Can data network go over 1G ?  I plan to procure 2 servers with 2x 10G for distributed storage  , 2x 1G NICs for data 






6 replies

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for the small workload 1G network can be used. I have some customer who are using 1G for branch office. 

if you are planning to use 1G & 10G both , you can create 2 bonds 1 for 10G and 2nd for 1G nic . 

1G can be used for VM uplinks.


thanks @qamarabbas 

in a 2 node scenario , with 1G and 10G nics and a 1G switch

use 1G for VM uplinks.. quite clear

question: for CVM traffic,  can i connect the nodes back to back on 10G interfaces? I do not want to go through the switch 

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No it is not the supported method , how you can reach out to prim or hypervisor management .

I still not got the reason why you to connect back2back. As 2 node cluster node mostly will be 1175s having single processor. So workload is not much. You can use 1g . Connectivity or use LACP for more bandwidth.


yep. I missed out on the point ..will not be able to reach prism element . I was thinking of distributed storage only . thanks for clarifying




how to change existing Network uplink configured for Nutanix node with 1G to 10G.

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