Scheduling NCC Health Checks

  • 20 November 2020
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Many users try to periodically execute the NCC health checks as a good offensive tactic against any issues that might appear within their cluster, which is a great idea! However, rather than writing that down as a reminder somewhere or simply trying to remember to do so, many do not realize that this task can be scheduled right from within Prism.

The task can be configured to execute as per the following schedules:

  • Every 4 hours

  • Every Day

  • Every Week

When choosing the every day or week options, you are also presented options to configure the execution according to a specific time of the day and specific days of the week respectively.

What happens with the results when the scheduled NCC checks are executed? An email is sent to the email recipients configured within the Alert Email Configuration settings of the cluster.

For more information, including the specific procedures for configuring this feature, please refer to the Scheduling and Automatically Emailing NCC Results section of the Nutanix Cluster Check Guide.

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