Revert cluster from RF3 to RF2?

  • 24 February 2021
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I know that this question has been asked in this forum a few years back but I wanted to see if the answer changed since the newer releases of AOS.  In my case, I’m running AOS version 5.15.4 LTS and found that our 7-node cluster was configured for RF3 - although most of our containers are RF2 (the exceptions being the “NutanixManagementShare: and “SelfServiceContainer” containers).

Since most of our containers are only RF2 I’m not too concerned about extra overhead but was curious if AOS now supports the switchback from RF3 on the cluster. 


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Hi mandg,

the complete revert from RF3 to RF2 is still not supported. You can revert the storage to RF2 by changing all the containers to RF2, but the rest of the services, such as cassandra, zookeeper will be in RF3 and can’t be switched back to RF2. The only way to completely move back to RF2 is to reimage the cluster. However, in most cases it is enough just to change all the containers back to RF2 as the storage space is usually the biggest concern.