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  • 6 March 2019
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# On March 4, I posted the following but I have written the wrong answer myself, and the status of that bank has become "solved".
# Actually it remains unresolved. I will post it again because I want to resolve it by all means.
# The problem is "CVM can only communicate with AHV".
Dear All, I am trying to build Nutanix CE into the environment of Nested ESXi.
I downloaded and prepared the latest version of ce - 2018.05.01 - stable.img.gz. The ESXi to build the AHV is 6.0.
First of all, we started to work as a single node cluster, we plan to develop into a 3 node cluster if it works. to AHV, GW: I set up CVM, GW: and started the installation.
After waiting for a while, a message stating that the installation was successful is displayed and the message "Nutanix CVM IP:" is displayed.
However, only AHV can communicate with this CVM, and it can not communicate with other devices on the same subnet.
If you check the Arp Table of another Linux machine on the same subnet, the correct MAC address of CVM is registered but the MAC address of this Linux machine is not registered in the Arp Table of CVM side. Only the MAC Address of AHV is registered in the Arp Table of CVM.
CVM can not communicate with Gate Way and can not connect to the external network, so we can not proceed with construction work. Please teach someone what kind of cause is considered.

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I think the cause of the problem I posted is probably "Network interface is not in promiscuous mode". Although ESXi handles packets addressed to AHV, which is a virtual server of ESXi, packets destined for grandchild virtual servers such as CVM in AHV, if the physical interface is not set to promiscuous mode, It does not seem to receive it.
In the environment we built this time, ESXi is not under my control, I am borrowing that virtual environment. Likewise, I think that it is impossible for many people borrowing a virtual environment to change the current environment only for me. So, unfortunately we can not confirm whether the above idea is correct, but my idea is probably not wrong. By the way, we were able to confirm only that the mode of the physical interface is "set promiscuous mode off."