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  • 26 May 2021
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The is not reachable from my prism central and my prism element .I have valid name servers configured in both PC and PE .I got it verified from network team that the traffic is passing by firewall .Can anyone let me know what exact things do i need to check in my name servers so that this URL will be connected from PC and PE ?


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Hi DDebashis,


Check Name Server (DNS Server)

  • In Prism, check if the Name Server is configured.
    • Settings - > Name Servers
  • If the name server is not configured, add a valid name server.
  • Also, do nslookup
  • Check if the DNS can resolve the name

Check Firewall

  • Ensure that the ports 80 and 8443 are open:
    • - 80
    • and s3* - 443
  • Also, ensure that the CVM IP Addresses and the cluster External / Virtual IP Address are whitelisted in your firewall settings to allow traffic.

Check Proxy

  • If the ping is working and still you are getting an error, check the proxy setting in Prism.
    • Setting -> HTTP Proxy
  • Make sure there is no security policy that blocks traffic to CVMs or PC


Hope this helps,