reconfigure nutanix components ip settings

  • 7 April 2016
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I have aplan to reconfigure the ip addressess of all Nutanix components (hypervsors ip's ,CMV's and cluster ip. My question is what is the priority of changing ip's ( start point) and what is the worst scenario through this process?


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6 replies

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Theres a section for this in the production documentation.

Basically, it involves putting the cluster into a reconfiguration mode, and it will change them all for you.

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I'm asking about priority please: Are below steps in correct priorities?
1.cluster stop
2.cluster reconfig
ncli cluster set-external-ip-address external-ip-address="cluster_ip_address" 4.go to http://cvmipaddr:2100/ip_reconfig.html and provide
CVM subnet mask
CVM default gateway
and new address for CVM
5.cluster start
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Have you read through the product doc for this?

You should use that as your guide
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Good document .Thank you
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Thanks...but as a newbie just trying out the community edition and trying to get started it´s very hard to go forward.
Almost all proper information is "hided" behind the activation of the support portal.
All links that i found i cannot access because i have no serial yet.

Thanks to make it so hard to start 😞.
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ChristianTroll - have you seen our Community Edition forum? We have an entire section of this website dedicated to CE, with a ton of proper information. you are having any issue with CE, please make a post there and we'll be happy to help you.