Rebuild Cluster - Hyper-V to AHV

  • 2 September 2020
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This is the scenario I have:

We have a four node cluster running Hyper-V. We want to migrate/reload/replace with AHV. There is nothing on this cluster that needs to be preserved.

I tried the Foundation Portable application, but it does not seem to discover the nodes. I suspect that is because they are neither bare-metal nor factory imaged at this point. (based on this article -

This is a “retail” cluster, so I do have support. I just don’t know if it’s appropriate to tie up a support engineer for the time it would take to reload a cluster. So I was hoping to at least get started on my own. 

I did some googling and searching here and the KB. But I suspect my search terms are either too broad or maybe even far too specific. All I get back is how to setup a brand new cluster. 


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The nodes will not be discoverable if they are a part of an existing cluster. You will need to do “cluster stop” and then “cluster destroy”. That will delete all the data. Then, the nodes will become discoverable if there are no other issues.