Re-IP - IPMI - how to change IP address

  • 18 December 2019
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In certain instances, it may be necessary to change IP address of IPMI. This post explains how to achieve the outcome and where to look for help.

Ther are three methods of configuring the IP address. In any case, there are only two simple steps:

1. Configure the IPMI IP addresses by using either the IPMI web interface or the hypervisor host command-line interface via one of the below:

  • IPMI Web Interface
  • Command Line (ipmitool - available on AHV and ESXi hypervisor hosts)
  • BIOS

For nodes from other hardware vendors, see the manufacturer instructions.

2. Log on to Controller VM on the same node in the cluster and restart Genesis service.

For specific instructions, commands and examples see:
NX Series Hardware Administration Guide: Changing an IPMI IP Address.
KB-1486 [ESXi] How to re-configure IPMI using ipmitool - also includes instructions and examples on local user accounts management.

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