Procedure for adding new nodes to cluster and re-IPing

  • 17 March 2015
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Trying to find the best procedure for the following.
Had 36 nodes. Imaged all with foundation and IP'd in a standalone environment with private IP's on a basic switch, in an effort to image them all with ESXi at one time. No datastores were created yet using that process.
Had to split up those 36 imaged nodes to move to 4 separate networks to create 4 separate clusters (9 nodes each). EAch network is completely isolated from the others, and not connected the internet.

Started with one block (4 nodes) -- moved to new network, manually re-IP'd everything for that one block to have valid Network1 IPs. Now I am wanting to move the other 2 blocks to this first network. Am I forced to do a manual re-IP of each node now, after having used foundation to IP them in the beginning with private IP's?

Prism cannot see (discover) the new nodes (via IPv6) after connecting them up to the same network. And the re-IP IPv6 cluster_init page is not reachable, . Just wondering if there is a way to blow the private IP addressing away from the initial config we did during the mass imaging when the nodes were not on the production networks, and have the existing cluster discover the new nodes?

Apologize if I'm interchanging any terms.

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2 replies

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Please find the link for article for changing CVM IP address.

Changing Controller VM IP Addresses
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Also if you are not able to add new nodes in the cluster, you can refer to below mentioned KB.