Prism Central, ncc check says needs more resources. 200 VMs but PC thinks it is Large?

  • 19 August 2020
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Upgraded PC to 2020.7 and ncc to 3.10.1.  Now getting the warning:

Possible Cause

The current feature capabilities of Prism Central require resource on the Prism Central VM to be increased for optimum performance.



Increase the resource of the Prism Central VM. Please refer KB-8932 for guidance.


I am at 6 vCPU and 32 GB RAM for PC VM.  Not getting too far with support.  I was wondering if others have seen this issue.

The KB article mentions “large” and “small”.  I don’t remember setting PC size.  How does it know if it is large or small?  Mine thinks it is large, but I only have around 200 VMs in 3 Clusters.  Only using a single PC, not scaled.

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3 replies

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Hi bbeavis,

The check has been introduced in NCC 3.10.0 which is why you are seeing this now.
The reason the check picks up on large size is because of the RAM of 32GB. Maximum size of the small size is 31 GB.

If you are NOT using any services whatsoever (e.g. Calm, Leap, Microsegmentation, Prism Ultimate features) the recommendation is 6 vCPU and 26GB of memory.

The KB has recent published changes. Would you check again on it and let me know if you still have questions?

It’s a little strange that there were no manual changes to the sizing of the PC and you have that size but I’m sure there is an explanation.

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But, I was getting the message when I upgraded to PC to 2020.7 and had the recommended RAM for the prior version.  I upgraded to the recommended for small, but still got the warning.  So, I increased RAM from the recommended to 32 because I also got a low RAM warning.  I have calm disabled, never touched Leap or microsegmentation, and have PC starter.  Currently have a warning that PC has only 400 MB of free RAM.  I am willing to increase RAM and vCPU, but by all accounts I shouldn’t have to.  To me this is an indicator something is wrong.  It also bothers me a little that PC would become the largest VM I have, in terms of vCPU+RAM. 

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So the issue is not only in the sizing warning that you see but also in the free memory alerts that you see for the PC? And you did set the PC manually?

I can understand your concerns. I would allow the support engineer to investigate high memory utilisation first and then deal with the sizing warnings.