Prism and DVS Iissue

  • 8 August 2018
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I have encountered an issue while migrating to a dvs, I am running esxi 6.5 on a 3 node cluster. The setup is new so there are no VMs apart from the CVMs and a test VM on the host. The dvs already exists and I am doing one node at a time and as such I added one of the NICs from node A to the dvs. I then did a quick test with the test VM on each port group I have configured to confirm connectivity. I then attempted to migrate the VM Network port group created on vSwitch0 that the CVM on node A was connected to, the migration "worked" but connectivity to the CVM was lost. In addition to losing connectivity to the CVM on node A, I am now unable to access prism from any of the CVMs or cluster IP. The page loads but once I attempt to login nothing happens. I even powered off node A in hopes that I can get to prism but still no luck. All CVMs and the cluster IP are reachable via IP, the esxi hosts for node B and C are also fine and reachable. Not sure where to go from here other than tear down and rebuild. Is there a way I can get to prism?

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I was able to recover and migrate to the dvs, thanks anyways:
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Is it possible to rebuild a single node?
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I was able to recover and migrate to the dvs, thanks anyways: