Power requirements for 3 node NX-3360

  • 6 April 2016
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We are getting ready to deploy our first set of clusters and in the preinstall brief we hit a little snag regarding power. The specs state that with dual power supplies you need 208 volts per power supply. I have read in other post that the 3000 series should be OK with 120V if you only have 3 nodes. Can anyone confirm this? My goal is to have redundance if power was lost to a single power supply.
If we get the 4th node we will go with 208V, but currently I just don't have that kind of power or mainly a 208/240 UPS.

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1 reply

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Should be right on the line. be sure to smoke test it day 1 by firing everything up, waiting a few minutes for everything to smooth out to steady state, and yank one of the power plugs.

I've done this before and all has been well, just be sure to test it out.