PCIe-SATA and SSD-SATA in a Node

  • 7 March 2015
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Hello -

Can a Nutanix node be configured with 1x PCIe-SSD and 1x SATA-SSD?


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5 replies

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Hi rvillarin,Is it a particular model you are referring to or in general?The nodes that are on sale now are all SATA-SSD models. Some older models had PCIe-SSD drives (Fusion-IO).

Refer the below link for older models with PCIe-SSD and SATA-SSD drives.
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Here's a good question..... Can I add my own Intel SSD or Seagate Constellation HDD disks of there is a failure or to increase the existing node capacity?
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Hi ,
For the official statement about 3rd party components, please visit the following URL:

"If a customer uses a third-party component in a Nutanix device, and a fault is traced to the use of this third-party component, then at the discretion of Nutanix, support and warranty service may be withheld."
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Thanks for the quick response. So, in theory, as long as the third party device that are installed do not cause an issue, then support will still be available. I was solely thinking of using this meathod to upgrade the cluster capacity/performance over time instead of spending additional capital to purchase more nodes [we already have a good number of nodes w/ sufficient compute in production]. I would, of course, use the exact same manufacturer drive [Intel D SSD or Seagate Constelation HDD] just a larger caacity. Maybe, in the future, Nutanix could offer this as a service where we could select to upgrade the existing cluster [node by node or full cluster] but they either (1) supply the disks or (2) verify that we use the exact model that was in the system previously.

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We do offer a service through this. I help run our PS org, and we do this all the time.

We can both provide the services for componet upgrades, as well as provide quotes for individual components, which we then WILL support for all break/fix.

Feel free to reach out to jon at nutanix dot com, and I'm happy to get you sync'd with the right people.