OVS packet/traffic priorization in Nutanix

  • 13 February 2020
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I’ve searched through all corners of the web, but still didn’t find a clear answer to this question: can Nutanix prioritize packets and/or traffic in OVS? And, if yes, is there some online how-to that I can refer to to learn how to do that?


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Hi there, OVS does not have that functionality, I’m afraid.

There are some QoS options in Prism Central PC Guide: Storage Quality of Service (QoS) but not in OVS.


Oh, I get it, but I’m talking about QoS applied to Networking, not Storage. OVS alone can do some QoS on net traffic, as shown here, but I don’t know if Nutanix, that uses OVS, can do it too or if it can handle QoS through OVS itself.


Anyways, thanks for the answer.


Hi everyone,

I’ve found this page that explains some concepts regarding Network QoS on Nutanix. I guess that page gave me the answers I needed.

For now, this question is Resolved.