Oracle + Dual hypervisors in 1 Cluster

  • 9 February 2018
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Hey Guys,

I have a question:

Let's say a customer needs to deploy some Oracle databases. As wel all know, licensing is expensive..
In this scenario they have a 11 node cluster. Would it be possible to have 2 nodes run on AHV with oracle whilst the remaining 9 nodes run on ESXI?(They only need 2 nodes hence they don't want to use a third node & create another cluster + They would like to benefit from erase coding.) This would cut the Oracle costs by a huge amount.

Or are there any other solutions for this?

Thanks in advance!


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2 replies

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I recently had a discussion with Nutanix reps regarding pretty much the same question and was told multiple hypervisors in the same cluster are not supported (except for storage only nodes).

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Has the stance on this changed? I have have a duplicate issue, which may only be solvable by creating isolation for vMotion, separate interfaces, dedicated containers and such.

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