One or more hosts are using the default password

  • 12 August 2019
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I keep getting the following message when I run a health check
Running : health_checks system_checks default_password_check

[==================================================] 100%
/health_checks/system_checks/default_password_check [ INFO ]

Detailed information for default_password_check:
INFO: One or more hosts are using the default password
Refer to KB 6153 ( for details on default_password_check or Recheck with: ncc health_checks system_checks default_password_check
| State | Count |
| Info | 1 |
| Total Plugins | 1 |
Plugin output written to /home/nutanix/data/logs/ncc-output-latest.log

When I check the node with the IP listed I cannot find any user account with the default password set. Admin is not default neither is the Nutanix user. I cannot figure out what is triggering this health alert.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

2 replies

Did you check this KB?
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Few Things to Note here:
*This is INFO message which appears when default password "nutanix/4u" is being used for nutanix user
*As @diegodco mentioned please refer to KB Default_pwd_check for more info
*Always run latest release of NCC to verify cluster status,when writing this answer NCC latest build is

You can explore Portal's Download Section for latest ncc builds