Occasional "Address Unreachable" errors with offline Foundation

  • 29 July 2016
  • 1 reply

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I occasionally get errors on network validation when using the offline Foundation installer. Usually this is resolved by trying another range- occasinally not. I never have this issue when using the standalone version of Foundation.

I am using a completely flat switch (which has had many successful installs), additionally this is with Foundation 3.2.2 and Java 7.45.

I can log into the hosts/cvms and get successful pings from all of the IP's I'm intending on using but offline Foundation is adamant that some are unreachable. I solve this by using standalone (which can be a little cumbersome on the road).

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this as well.

1 reply

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Check that you've assigned a default gateway. 3.2.2 requires one. We'll lift the requirement in an upcoming release.