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  • 7 December 2020
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Nutanix Objects Overview

Nutanix Objects™ (Objects) is a software-defined Object Store Service. This service is designed with an Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) compatible REST API interface capable of handling petabytes of unstructured and machine-generated data. Objects addresses storage-related use cases for backup, and long-term retention and data storage for your cloud-native applications by using standard S3 APIs. You no longer have to introduce an external, separately managed storage solution. Objects is deployed and managed as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS.

You can manage objects by using Prism Central or the S3-compatible REST APIs after an administrator has authorized the applications and users to access buckets accordingly.

For more information on Objects architecture, refer to Nutanix Bible.

Usage of Objects

Following are examples of solutions you can implement by using Objects:

  • Backup – You can integrate Objects with the backup applications such as Commvault, HYCU, Veeam, and Veritas. You can create backups to protect your data with a simple, scalable, and cost-effective active archive solution. You can start with small storage and scale to petabytes of storage to deliver great performance. Objects supports the multipart upload API with which you can reduce slow upload times by breaking data into chunks and upload documents, images, and videos to the global namespace.

  • Long-term Retention – You can use Objects for long-term data retention. Built-in object versioning provides storage protection and searches your data without the problem of tape systems. Versioning maintains previous copies of the object to avoid data loss from overwrites or deletes. Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) buckets help you meet regulatory compliance requirements for healthcare, financial services, and government sectors by protecting your data from being overwritten or deleted.

  • DevOps – Easy application access to your data in a global namespace using simple PUT and GET commands makes Objects the perfect fit for your dev-ops data. Easily integrate REST API calls within your programs or scripts without tracking complex directory structures. DevOps and IT ops can use the S3-compatible interface for cross-geo, cross-team collaboration, and agile development.

Objects Architecture

Nutanix Objects integrates with the solution stack through services that run inside the Prism Central VM and manage all the other components and services of object storage.

The Nutanix cluster deploys VMs to handle the multiple components that provide the object storage API and lookups for the objects. These components run as containerized services in a Kubernetes cluster. Objects follows a modular and scale-out design where each component focuses on a single core function, thus allowing you to scale out any component independently to match the workload demands.



For more information, please visit the Objects User Guide

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