NX-1050 Compatibility matrix

  • 13 December 2021
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We have an old NX-1050 and I’m wondering what is the recommended AOS, Foundation, ESXi for this? I cannot find this model in the Compatibility Matrix website.




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7 replies

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NX-1050 is EOL, so it’s been removed from the compatibility matrix. 

I have an NX-1050 with AOS in my lab and it’s working fine. I think the future 5.20.x versions should also work well. Not sure about newer releases, because we don’t do the testing for EOL hardware. As for the ESXi, i would go for the latest build, but also can’t guarantee anything. I know that 6.7u3 latest build works there for sure, but you can try newer ones too.

In any case, you won’t get official support for the EOL model, only some recommendations without 100% confidence. 



Thanks @Sergei Ivanov , that’s good to know.


It’s currently running AOS 5.15.4, can I upgrade directly to or do I need to upgrade incrementally?


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You should be able to upgrade directly to

Hi @Sergei Ivanov ,


I tried to update to but got this error:

That KB says that this error relates to the AOS not being supported by legacy platforms.

Are you sure this can be installed on a NX-1050??




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Hi @MilesThompson. I forgot about that precheck. It was recently added specifically for the EOL hardware. There is a way to skip it and i can share it in DM if you want, but it would be probably better to stay on 5.15.x then, because later there might be also failing checks for AHV and other products. Sorry for the confusion.

OK. I presume ESXi 6.7 U3 is compatible with 5.15.x so we might has well stay with that version.

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Yes, 6.7U3 is surely compatible and very safe.