Nutanix Sync DR in real life

  • 19 May 2020
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Hi guys. We are in the process of acquiring Nutanix products, but we need to know something crucial.

We currently have more than 100 ESXi hosts, separated in 2 sites. We have a metro cluster, all the datastores are sync, this is full active active, with EMC VMAX All Flash and VPLEX.

As of today (May 2020), can we do such thing with AHV and ADSF? It is supported? I’ve seen the Sync DR here:, where i can see you can do it VM by VM. But what about if i want to protect at datastore/container level? All of the VMs. We have more than 3000 VMs.

We need to know if we can accomplish the same with Nutanix. Stretched storage and VMs on both sides, for obvious reasons (balance, availability). If one of the sites crashed, HA all the VMs automatically to the other.

Is there a video or pdf showing how it works?

Thank you!!

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Hi @gera83 

Please correct me if I am wrong, so you are looking for active-active synchronizing of data between the two clusters for disaster availability?


In Nutanix, we do async and sync both kinds of Protection Domain Replication between Primary and DR sites. 


Please refer the following guide  for all the types of Replication supported by Nutanix