Nutanix, Hyper-V, Veeam and FC tape library

  • 13 November 2016
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Hello Guys,

I got a new environment to take care of and need some help here.
Setup is based on Nutanix 3 Nodes with Hyper-V cluster.
There is requirement to use Veeam BR as backup solution.
All veeam components has to be virtualized i.e., Backup server, Proxy Server, Repository and Tape Server if required.
Backup destination is a Tape library which can be connected via FC.

Documents that I read "veeam on Nutanix with Hyper-V" mentions about hybrid scenario, where Physical repository server can be used to connect tape library.
In my case there is no physical server available.

What can be possible ways to get this done?
1. Is it mandatory to use a physical server to connect to tape?
2. Can an HBA installed in NTNX Node be used by a VM on Hyper-V (pass-through)?
3. Can I designate Hyper-V parent OS as Veeam Proxy and Tape server and use HBA directly from parent-OS?

How about the compatibility/support in these configuration?
If you guys have any other way to get this running, please do suggest.

Thanks for your time.

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2 replies

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Hyper-V as an OS, regardless of Nutanix or any other technology, does not support PCI passthrough.

Meaning, you would not be able to put a HBA in any host, Nutanix or otherwise, and pass a FC HBA to a VM, to be able to directly connect a tape drive in the traditional sense.

Hyper-V, like VMw, does technically have the ability to do NPIV (aka virtual fiber channel), which is conceptually what you would want, where a virtual guest could be connected to a NPIV enabled FC SAN, but it has TONs of caveats, and explictly does NOT support anything other than Microsoft's Data Protection Manager.

You can read up on virtual FC here:

The short of it is that what you want to do isn't really possible, and Nutanix has no bearing on that, this is a hyper-V limitation.
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Thank you jon for the reply.