Nutanix HW compatibility : CISO NEXUS 3064-X and supermicro

  • 2 December 2015
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Hi folks !

My client asked me a quite though question today : since we are bounded to CISCO Nexus for physical switches, we digged on a low latency nexus with SFP+ connection.

It seems that 3064-X is a good choice but as far as I know, Cisco SFP+ compatibility with 3rd party is azardeous.

2 questions :

Are there some kind of hardware restriction w/ Nutanix Supermicro stuff appart from SFP+ cable (MOLEX 074752 series as far as I know) ?

Is there a compatibility matrix of this granularity level somewhere ?

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6 replies

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Thanks for the question,  any insights you can add here :)

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Hi ,

We use standard Intel NIC's, so the preferred cables are the Cisco SFP+ cables. You will get into problems if you use third party cables with the Cisco switches.

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- were you able to get this all connected up?
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I hope so ! my client bought it... and I'll have hands on it in a few days from now !

"patient is mother of all virtues" 😉
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Ok, if you have any specific configuration questions, we've got a KB on that talks about Cisco Nexus configs. Search Nexus and you'll find it.
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Many thanks Jon !

I'll check it right away,

best regards,