Nutanix File Services

  • 26 November 2015
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I was told that Nutanix File Services is now available but I cannot find any reference to it anywhere.Can someone tell me what the deal is and where I can find some instructions?


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6 replies

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the same here i would like to know how to check and test below services as i updated my NOS to latest version but couldn't locate below service

file service
SSD pinning
restore single file from snapshot

i know that some of them is still in tech preview but i would like to test it
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I did some more investigation and it turns out that File Services will be available in v4.6 and that should be released in December.
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File services will be in tech preview in the next release.
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Yes, Dwayne is correct, the tech preview for File Services is expected to come in 4.6, which is right around the corner.

As for SSD pinning and File Restore, both are in

SSD Pinning is CLI only in that release (design choice at the last minute) and file restore requires the nutanix guest tools to be installed inside of the windows VM, and is also CLI only.
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thanks lot for your reply can you share with us guide on how administrate it and regrading nutanix guest tools i think it's related to AHV but does it's supported in case of VMware esxi

thanks in advance
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Self Service Restore:

SSD Pinning:

Pinning CLI: