Nutanix Deployment on HPE DX Servers

  • 8 September 2020
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We have to do a deployment of 5 HPE DX nodes with AHV as hypervisor. Is it mandatory to have the iLO ip address in the same subnet as CVM & Host ? If not then do we have to give 2 IP addresses to foundation VM ? Let me know if anything else is needed.


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To answer your first question see Field Installation Guide: Network Requirements:

All Controller VMs and hypervisor hosts must be on the same subnet. No systems other than the Controller VMs and hypervisor hosts can be on this network.

In fact, some people prefer to have IPMI/ILO in the same subnet to strengthen security rules on teh network layer.

To answer your second question: Field Installation Guide: Installing the Foundation VM:

Note: The Foundation VM must be on a public network to copy the selected ISO files to the Foundation VM. This requirement requires setting a static IP address and setting it again when the workstation is on a different (typically private) network for the installation.