Nutanix Community Edition installation failing in vmware fusion and virtualbox

  • 17 June 2024
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Hi Team

I am trying to install Nutanix CE in Vmware Fusion. I am using the Nutanix CE iso and CentOs7(64 bit) for doing this setup. But when I am trying to start my VM getting the below screen without any error. For me the Nutanix AHV setup screen is not coming at all. I am struggling a lot to identify the issue. Please help me here at the earliest.

Configuration of VM

  1. Created three disks
  2. Network adapter as bridge

Please have a look into the below screenshot.




6 replies

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Hi Akash,

What specs have you assigned to the AHV VM in Virtualbox? 

What spec is the underlying host it is running on?

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Specs for AHV virtualbox

  1. disk1 - 30 GB
  2. data disk - 400 GB
  3. cvm disk - 200GB
  4. Network Adapter - bridge
  5. 4 core processors
  6. 4GB RAM
  7. virtualization enabled

Specs of underlying host

  1. 16GB RAM
  2. 1 TB hard disk

Please let me know if you need any other info.

Fairly sure you need 32GB RAM, minimum. You won’t be able to run it on 16GB, let alone 4GB.

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Hi Akash,

You’re going to need a lot more resource than that, I’m afraid.

32GB is cutting it fine these days too, I’d recommend 48GB+ at the least for a useful experience.

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I am able to setup a Nutanix CE with the below configurations.


Hypervisor Disk Memory - 100 GB

CVM Disk Memory - 500 GB

Data Disk Memory - 300 GB


However when I am trying to deploy Prism Central I am getting an error stating “Error in extracting tarball, couldn’t extract image.”

Please help me here. Attaching screenshot for reference.


I also have the same issue.  I cannot get the CVM working when install Nutanix on VMWare fusion with 48GB memory provision for the Nutanix.