Nutanix CE installation issue.

  • 6 February 2019
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Hi All,

I did use Nutanix CE on a standalone server before for testing and for backup recovery test.

Today I was trying to install the new CE version ce-2018.05.01-Stable.

The previous version I used was CE0-2017.05.22-Stable. Now the hardware is same.
1x 240 GB SSD, 2x 500 GB HDD, 3x 1TB HDD.
128 GB RAM
Boot from USB.
3x 1 TB drives are in Raid0 - Storage
2x 500 GB drives are in Raid0 - ISO's
1x 240 GB drive is in Raid0 - OS - (I tried this with Raid and with out raid.)

this time when it is checking the disks it says "MinimumRequirementsError: A set of disks matching the minimum requirements was not found"

is there any changes to the minimum hardware requirements with new version of CE?

Please help me with this.

Thank you,

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3 replies

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It is good now. with the 32 GB USB drive Nutanix is installed with out any error.
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The single 240 GB disk is SSD.
I think It might be some thing to do with Boot USB disk. So I changed it to 32 GB (From 16GB) and created the boot disk.
Now I am getting different error.

"Error: file '/boot/grub2/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found.
Entering rescue mode......
grub rescue>"

Not sure if my ISO got some issues. So trying to download a fresh copy. I will give it a try today and will update here.
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you need at least one SSD