Nutanix and Hyper V, Setup to managing

  • 21 August 2023
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I have setup the nutanix AOS with Hyper V hypervisor server 2016 on 2 nodes with foundation.

I have some question that I am still unable to figure out.

I am able to console in the SVM in both nodes via SSH, but I am unable to access the Prism on Web Browser til I create the cluster in SVM. Is this correct?

After accessing the Prism, most of the prism element function like VM, Storage and etc apart from health was available. Is this due to nutanix main role in Hyper V was limited as to only manage to see dashboard?

I try to add the second node to the first node that has created the cluster in Prism, but was unable. Does it mean I can only do VM creation, modification, deletion etc and join cluster via the Server failover over cluster in Hyper V?

Is there a guide for Nutanix with Hyper V from setup to managing, as I have read the AAPM which doesn’t seems to apply on this.


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6 replies

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Hi, yes prism web ui is only available after creating and starting the cluster.

When running on a different hypervisor then AHV some parts are missing/different in prism.

You can't extend a single node cluster.

I have a question for you, why running hyper-v? There a specific use case? 

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Hi Jereon,

I tried to create the 2 node as cluster with the command “cluster -s, create” (SVM node1) node 2) but seems to encounter error. Both are under the same subnet /16.

I see that there are more people having Nutanix on their Hyper V environment and that’s why i wanted to start with Hyper V.

I wanted learn on how nutanix works with Hyper V and understand why so many people i know chosen Hyper V over AHV & VMWare.

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What error did you get when running the cluster create command?

I would always recommend AHV as the hypervisor, but yeah, for learning go create the cluster on Hyper-V.

I’m very curious why the people you know are choosing Hyper-V over AHV/VMware.  Just for my learning :)

I guess the people chose Hyper-v is because license free. if you use 10 nodes cluster to run more than 500 Windows vms, that’s a lot of money :)

In my understanding, Windows server 2016 is eol and you’d better install Hyper-v 2019 or 2022.

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MS Hyper-V is free is just a assumption, in term of Microsoft Windows licensing no matter which hypervisor is used the licensing is same, Standard gives two VM entitlement while Datacenter gives unlimited and each of them are licenses by physical core in the node.

However managing MS Hyper-V is challenging due to its multiple points like, MS Hyper-V manager, failover manager, SCVMM, huge dependency on domain controllers, improper knowledge or mis configuration can give very hard time.

While using Nutanix AHV, come natively with cluster, is enterprise grade and gives easy, simple management overall saving hypervisor license cost and more over operations.

Down the line looking at MS strategy, the MS Hyper-V will be replaced with Azure HCI. Read more below

BTW two node cluster is only supported with VMware vSphere and Nutanix AHV as hypervisor.

Hope that helps.