Nutanix AHV Plug-In for Citrix Director

  • 12 December 2019
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VDi (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is one of the earliest applications that was used in hyper-convergent  systems. The closer the storage to the cpu and memory the better the performance.

The plugin provides the means for getting more information on Citrix director from Citrix generated desktops running on a Nutanix cluster. Citrix also has its own plugin that can be used. This conversation is about nutanix provided plugin and how to install it.

Nutanix AHV Plug-in for Citrix Director creates customized reports for the following VM-level performance statistics:

  • VM I/O Bandwidth
  • VM Average I/O Latency

Nutanix AHV Plug-in for Citrix Director gets the data directly from the Nutanix AHV hosts to generate performance statistics of the virtual machines.

The link:

have step by step instructions for installation of this plugin.


Ask any questions if you are concerned about it.







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5 replies

Followed the guide as described, unfortunately the Hypervisor Status says not Available.

Nutanix Virtual machine statistics show Blank.

 - Created prism User account with No Roles, just view permissions.

 - successfully created the connection to the Cluster.

still unable to see the stats. any Inputs would be great!

Were using XD7.15LTSR CU4 and, AOS 5.10.6.


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I am curious if you installed the latest version 2.5.1.

The release notes for that is in:

Let me know.




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Hi Said,

just for clarification.

Nutanix AHC MCS Plugin is Version  2.5.1 from December 2019

and we have to install seperately the 

Nutanix AHV Plug-in for Citrix Director from December 2018


kind regards


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@markinh yes, these are different plugins

Hi there,


Same issue for me, is there an upgrade on the subject ?