Nutanix AHV Lacp show “activity timeout aggregation synchronized collecting distributing”

  • 14 November 2020
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Hi All,

Does anyone know the command ovs-appctl lacp/show br0-up it show:

slave: eth3: current attached          port_id: 2          port_priority: 65535          may_enable: true            actor sys_id: 0c:c4:7a:1e:3e:6e          actor sys_priority: 65534          actor port_id: 2          actor port_priority: 65535          actor key: 1          actor state: “activity timeout aggregation synchronized collecting distributing”

I have set lact rate fast on both nexus switch and nutanix,

but what it means “activity timeout aggregation synchronized collecting distributing”

“activity timeout aggregation synchronized collecting distributing”


Will it affect the quality of the network ?


Thank you


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Hi Wei Cheng,


What you see is a good thing.

The LACP_Activity flag indicates a participant’sintent to transmit periodically to detect andmaintain aggregates. If set the flagcommunicates Active LACP, if reset PassiveLACP. A passive participant will participate in theprotocol if it has an active partner.

The LACP_Timeout flag indicates that theparticipant wishes to receive frequent periodic transmissions, and will aggressively times outreceived information. If set the flag communicates Short Timeout, if reset LongTimeout.

The Aggregation flag indicates that the participant will allow the link to be used as part ofan aggregate. Otherwise the link is to be used asan individual link, i.e. not aggregated with anyother. This flag is set or reset as a consequenceof local key management : the participant may know that the link has a unique key and hence will not be aggregated. Signaling this information allows the receiving actor to skip protocol delaysthat are otherwise invoked to allow all links withthe same system id and key combinations to becollected into one aggregate port withoutsuccessive rapid changes to aggregate portsand accompanying higher layer protocoldisruption. If set the flag communicates Aggregatable, if reset Individual.

The Synchronization flag indicates that thetransmitting participant’s mux component is insync with the system id and key informationtransmitted. This accommodates multiplexing hardware that takes time to set up orreconfigure. If set the flag communicate InSync, if reset Out of Sync.

The Collecting flag indicates that theparticipant’s collector, i.e. the reception component of the mux, is definitely on. If set theflag communicates collecting.

The Distributing flag indicates that theparticipant’s distributor is not definitely off. If reset the flag indicates notdistributing.

Source is Link Aggregation Protocol by Mick Seaman.

Let me know if this helps or if you have further questions.