Number of Disk per node

  • 8 January 2021
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We are considering AHV for our environment. I notice that the OEM partner product list has fixed set of disks. Most of the hardware in the list are capable to be installed with more disks. For example Fujitsu servers are capable of 12 x 3.5 + 4 x 2.5 (on the rear), Can we utilise all disk slots in a configuration like 12 x 4TB NL-SAS + 4 x 1.92TB 2.5” SSD or 4 x 1.6TB NvME ?



4 replies

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Hello Hishamlsmail,


Could you please let me know what is the node model that you are using?




Hi Raaji,

Thank you for the reply. It is Fujitsu XF8055 M2 based on Fujitsu Primergy RX 2540 M2.

Hi @raaji,

Do you think the configuration will work?

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Hi HishamIsmail,

On XF8055, we support 4 x 1.92TB + 8 x 4TB HDDs. NVMe is supported on XF8050 NVMe model and only in the configurations, we have listed on spec sheet.