Not able to discover the new nodes to expand the cluster

  • 9 May 2019
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I am not able to discover new node placed in different switch in same VLAN from an existing cluster

The issue not able to discover the newly installed nodes in new switch with same VLAN of existing cluster( it is in old switch ) , but not able to discover these new nodes in existing Could anyone help me to give a clue , why these nodes are not able to discover in the existing cluster. I want to expand the existing cluster with these new nodes

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5 replies

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You could do a couple of things. IPV6 is used to discover new nodes. You could download the foundation offline applet to see if your new nodes show up. You would need a vm/server in the same vlan as your new/existing nodes. You may also need the bonjour service on that vm/server so it can see those ip address. You can also find a program called bonjour browser, that will show you the ipv6 devices on the vlan instead of the foundation applet. If the nodes can''t be seen via IPv6 I don't think you care going to be able to discover them.
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Hi @vibin.vijayarajan-72343

Can you confirm if the new node is powered on and that CVM is up and running? Also, login to the CVM of new host and check the status of genesis and foundation services using the "genesis status" command.

Also, which hypervisor are you using? And can you confirm if VLAN is configured on physical switch port or at hypervisor level?
I am able to ping the IPV6 of the new node from the existing cluster , and able to see the new nodes in foundation applet . But while running cluster discover-nodes command in the existing node , I am not able to discover the new nodes
CVM and host is in running state and able see the new node from foundation applet
Genesis service is running on the new nodes and existing nodes and nodes are AHV Version Nutanix 20170830.185 and AOS version 5.5.8