NGT Tools install with Ansible

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I’m developing Ansible playbooks to deploy Linux and WIndows servers from disk images and using cloud-init (already working) and sysprep (forthcoming, I’m not a Windows specialist)

The NGT Tools are pre-installed in images.

The problem is that new VMs show  NGT :  “Not Installed” in Prism.
Is there something else to do ?


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Hello Jose

The link above does not work.

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They are frequently updated. Just click on vms → update an existing machine on the PC API page.

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Hey Fabrice,

Speaking from a Virtual desktop image perspective it's not supported to have NGT preinstalled because it generates certificates etc at install.

 I think you'll need to look at automating the install after or at the very least look at resetting it.

Take a look here


You might be able to disable/enable it via automation to generate new certs.



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Hello Kim.

Thx for your answer. But I could not find a way to mount NGT iso, disable/enable NGT using

I red different posts and it seems to not be so obvious. It’s frustating to have remaining manual steps to install/activate NGT Tools after automatic deployment.

From where could I download NGT Tools install files ? I could transfer them on new VM and run installer with Ansible.





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NGT support for Ansible is on roadmap. 

For mounting the NGT ISO, you have to use the VMs API. You have the option there to tell if the ISO is mounted or not (spec - resources - guest_tools - nutanix_guest_tools - iso_mount_state).