NGT Series | Install NGT on multiple VMs using Prism Central

  • 29 October 2019
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If you have ever wondered, having a 1000 User VMs in your infrastructure is making administrative jobs pretty difficult for you!
You are wrong when it comes to Nutanix HCI.
Nutanix makes administration simple and easy.

Let’s say you have 500+ User VMs in your system and want to install NGT on those VM, will you do it manually?
Will you waste countless hours manually installing NGT on each User VMs?

Definitely NO!

Prism Central provides you with a feature to install NGT on multiple VM simultaneously with just a few clicks and you can even enable SSR and VSS service while installing NGT.

Want to know the procedure?

Just give the document a read
NGT Installation using Prism Central 


Have queries regarding NGT or some doubts?

Drop a comment and let us start a discussion. 

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6 replies


I am looking to install NGT on a number of VM’s using this method however the option ‘Confirm & Enter Password’ is always greyed out and the message at the top of the window states ‘NGT can only be installed on 0/XX VMs (AHV/ESXi clusters).’ regardless of the number of VM’s I select.

Do you know why I am unable to install NGT?


So I believe this is only currently supported on AHV VMs.  Does anyone have experience with ESXi?

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Hello @PeterC 

According to the requirements of NGT Management in Prism Central, the feature is supported in ESXi and AHV.
Can you verify if the Linux and Windows VMs requirements mentioned in the document is verified?

NGT Management in Prism Central Requirements


Having checked the requirements for NGT management with ESXi and liaising with support, our version of AOS did not meet the minimum for automated NGT installation, hence why it failed.  I managed to semi-automate the process by extracting all the vm-id’s from the VM’s I needed to install NGT on then mounted the NGT CD from the CLI using:

‘ncli ngt mount vm-id=123456789xyx’

Then I ran the following command for each server to silently install NGT.

‘start psexec64 -s \\servername cmd /c d:\setup.exe /quiet ACCEPTEULA=yes /norestart’.

This worked well for 90% of the 70 servers I used.  The remainder required manual installation as either no CD was mounted or the D drive was already in use but this wasn’t really and issue.

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This has the potential to be very useful but it still needs some work.  For starters it logs credentials in clear text in one of the logs which is a nono.  This is being worked  on via an open engineering case with Nutanix support.  Also for windows VM’s it does not work with domain users accounts.  You read that right, you will need to have a local admin account to push the NGT from prism central.  If you are using LAPS to manage local administrator account credentials in AD you are better off just scripting the install with the Nutanix cmdlets.  This has potential, just fix it so that it is simple and useful.

Thank you so much for this post. However there is no documentation that states what the username needs to be. I have tried the local administrator account but that did not work. I have tried a domain admin account that did not work. What account is Nutanix expecting for this to work?????

This is such an useful and frustrating feature at the same time.